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Welcome to the BEYOND LOSS Grief Training website. If you are interested in the field of Thanatology (Death, Dying and Bereavement) or are looking for the compassion and support to help you through your grief you have come to the right place.

There is no magic answer to loss and the subsequent grief one feels. Nothing, not even time, will make the pain completely disappear. But loss can be transforming if it is met with a courageous heart and a willingness to make sense of all the change that will come. Transformation from loss means coping with all the feelings that roll around like a stone in the hollow of the stomach after losing someone or something loved.

If you are newly bereaved and searching for comfort, compassion, and support you may want to request more information regarding The Beyond Loss Newsletter, Grief Group Support in your area, or The Annual Gathering of Remembrance held in Glendale, California in December.

If you have a desire to build your skills in the art of bereavement facilitation go to the page titled Grief Training. There you will find enrollment information for the 2014 training classes held in Glendale, California.

In the wake of AIDS, Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer Disease, Stroke, Accidents, Homicides and Suicides, we have desolate and despairing family members who are searching anywhere and everywhere for help. Some turn to the clergy and find that many of these individuals were not trained to deal with people in grief. Some turn to the medical professionals who may prescribe medication. Other professionals may know the pain of grief but not its psychology. Knowing the basics of grief does not assure against missing indicators of a more serious underlying problem.

In the last twenty years we have seen the emergence of the Hospice Movement in the United States and other parts of the world. This movement is bringing together all types of people to care for the dying and the bereaved. So many people are willing to help but how comprehensively are they being trained? With this question in mind, we must make training available and deliver knowledge that can help assure the best outcome.

Many churches and organizations desire a continuity of care within their community. Whatever your needs, the BEYOND LOSS TRAINING PROGRAM can be tailored to meet those needs. Some considerations in booking Privately Sponsored Trainings held at your location are:

  • Size of classes (minimum of ten students, no maximum)
  • Location of classes (local, national, international)
  • Travel expenses for Instructor (and co-instructor if more than ten students)
  • Tuition per student
  • Outline of your needs and expectations and number of training days desired:
    • One day, 8 ceu’s plus certificate and training manual
    • Two days, 16 ceu’s plus certificate and training manual
    • Three days, 21 ceu’s plus certificate and training manual

If you are specifically interested in children’s grief check out The Center for Grief and Loss for Children at


Reverend Alice Parsons Zulli, FT, FMS, CGC, NCBF

Alice is an Ordained Minister with a specialty in Clinical Thanatology and Bereavement Education. She is a Fellow in Thanatology, Fellow in Ministerial Studies, Certified Grief Counselor, and Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator and Educator.

Alice is Founder and Director of BEYOND LOSS, A Bereavement Ministry and Grief Support Center established at Glendale Adventist Medical Center in 1990. In 2004 she received five separate awards for excellence from Hospital Administration, Mayor, City of Glendale, Congressman Michael Antonovich, State Senator Jack Scott, and Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. In addition to her position as Chaplain Associate and Director of Bereavement Support and Services, she is co-founder and Program Director for The Center for Grief and Loss for Children with sites in Glendale, Pasadena and South Los Angeles.

Rev. Zulli wrote two training manuals from which she teaches the certified courses in Bereavement Facilitation and Early Childhood Loss and Family Bereavement. She is currently writing a book to help children and their families through the difficult period following a loss.

Alice has a large private practice counseling the bereaved with offices in Glendale and Valencia, and is an international conference speaker. She co-founded and directs the Southern California Consortium of Bereavement Professionals, a peer support organization, and is a published author. Alice maintains active status in such professional organizations as the Association of Death Education and counseling, the Association of Professional Chaplains, American Association of Christian Counselors, American Association of Suicidology, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc., and national Hospice Foundation.

In addition to the above Rev. Alice enjoys officiating at weddings, baby christenings, vow renewals, memorials, and other family celebrations.

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